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At Severn Sparks we specialise in Electric Vehicle charging with over 50 charge points installed at peoples homes in 2020.


We are government approved to offer the OLEV/OZEV grant to our clients making the switch to EV even easier!

The future is electric... 

2020 was a record year for electric vehicle sales with 2021 set to eclipse it!

Range is always the issue people bring up with EV's but if you have your own charger at home, you start every day 100% and still save money compared to Petrol & Diesel.

Whats more, you can claim £350 off your home charger installation via the government OLEV/OZEV scheme.

Claiming the grant is easy as we do all the work for you!


Project EV Pro Earth

£400 inc grant

No Earth Spike

Solar Integration

Scheduled Charging

Load Management

7 KW Charging

Untethered Only


Pod Point Solo

£480 inc grant

No Earth Spike

Load Management

7 KW Charging

Type 2 Tethered or Untethered

Best Seller


Sync EV

£550 inc grant

No Earth Spike

Load Management 

Tariff Intergration

Solar Intergration

Scheduled charging

7 KW Charging

Untethered Only

Worlds Smallest Charger


Hypervolt EV


No Earth Spike

Load Management 

Tariff Intergration

Solar Intergration

7 KW Charging

Tethered Only

Alexa & Google Home Intergration


Check out our most popular chargers on this page and see what's right for you, the prices include the standard install outlined below, the charge point and the £350 OLEV discount.​ Or if you've found a charger you like but we've not listed let us know, we are approved by many charge point manufacturers. 


Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page if which charger(s) you like and we will get back to you to answer any initial questions and confirm a survey visit 


At your survey visit we will confirm your grant eligibility, agree charger location and take a few details such as your electric supply, main fuse size and property demand and book a date for your install​.


INSTALL DAY! We will double check your location and details and get to work. The electricity supply will be off for 20-30 mins to connect the install up to the main supply​.


Once powered back up we will connect your charger to your WiFi and set up and run you through the features of your new home charger and accompanying apps, plug your car and take a few photos for the grant.


We'll be in touch a couple of days later to check everything is working as expected and answer any questions you may have.


We claim the OLEV grant and you drive off in to the sunset!

Standard EV Install includes

- Charge Point installed on wall/post

- Up to 10 meters of black SWA or Hi-Tuff cable

- Up to 6 meters of trunking inside

- Routing of cable through 2x walls <500mm

Additional consumer unit where required

-Protective devices to comply with BS7671

- Installation certification

- Expert demonstration on how to use

- Energy tariff advice to save you money!

Severn Sparks can provide EV charge points for every make and model of electric vehicle. If your install sounds a little more challenging than the standard install outlined above, please get in touch for a competitive price for all types of installs including groundworks and long runs. Installs are subject to DNO approval, fuse size rating, meter tails rating and supply type.

Severn Sparks can provide guidance on all of this leaving you to sit back and enjoy playing with your new car!


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